Laurie-Beth Robbins

Packed With Élan!

"LB" is a speaker, writer and humorist; but also a zealous FOODSTRESS and private chef of GOURMET HEALTHFUL EXOTIC CUISINE. Additionally, she is a certified wine connoisseur, and she conducts wine tastings which get others "drunk on life" via her edu-tainment approach of comedic albeit informative banter.

Vivacity Larger Than Life!

With her exuberant artistic flair and talent for plating food, Laurie-Beth is a "power arranger" and presenter, who couples passion and much knowledge in nutrition (cooking without corn, soy or wheat); to deliver delectable exotic dishes that are certain to ensorcel any crowd!

Warmth, Charm, Smarts & Talent!

Whether she's regalling your group with fun informative food trivia and descriptions about what she's created, or sharing insight on food & wine pairings (and in so doing, "uncorking" great laughter and camaraderie too), Laurie-Beth will bring an irreverent energy in tandem with spectacular healthful food to your event!