So Who Is This "LBR?”

If you must know...

Laurie-Beth Robbins is a galvanizing extemporaneous speaker and she works a stage, audience, and the "getting other people excited about life" factor with idefatigable aplomb.

Having taught public speaking and mass communications on the college level, and engaged many a crowd via her reinvigorating enthusiasm and prowess, Laurie-Beth is the ideal speaker for a wide range of venues - from comedy to more poignant and motivational gatherings - and is certain to entertain, prompt people to think, and leave them better than how she found them.

A multilingual and educated woman (with a Bachelor's Degree In Broadcast Journalism), LBR is 100% self-taught in food, yet she has cooked all over the world and serves an authenticity which cannot be denied, copied or underestimated.

A gifted writer, pampering Dog Mom, and zealous lover of early mornings, sunrises, and bright, warm and appreciative people, Laurie-Beth does celebrate each day and see to it that anyone in her presence does too.