Tasting Life In A Glass...

A Message From Laurie-Beth:

Vino, for me, began at age 10, when I was allowed to enjoy a small glass of whichever wine my parents were drinking, while at the dinner table nightly.

My favorite was Bordeaux. Why? Because I'd tried it and liked it. Ahh, the simplicity of a child!

Flash forward many years and amid both stateside and international gears, and my love affair with wine did only grow; as I splashed my way and thirst for learning into every experience I was blessed to drink in.

Taking a course and becoming a certified "wine connoisseur," (which I affectionately think of as merely a fussy term for a charming  person who drinks exceptionally well); I was reminded that the innate "teacher" in me does habitually spillith into all which I do. 

Wine was no exception.

Conducting wine tastings around the globe, and with an "edu-tainment" bent or blend of informative banter mixed with comedic shtick and charm; I've enjoyed "getting folk drunk on life" and demystifying some of that "snooty oenophilia" when it comes to enjoying one's daily grape.

Having written and starred in a "wine etiquette" DVD years ago, which I then sold online in tandem with sending out an elaborate e-newsletter about that subject every month, I have kept my glass "half full" via my tremendous goblet of gratitude for life and for getting others excited about such!

As my wise Dad did teach me, one's libation is never ever for drowning sorrows or to drink when feeling depressed. Instead, it is a celebration - a majestic sip of life, and reminder, that "I'm Still Here!"

She Uses A Sword!

Sabering open bubbly!