Why Does Food Matter?


To make the time each day to "bring gratitude to the table" and to toast to life is just vital!

Nothing is more sensual than shared food & mood and the evoking of all of our senses in tandem.

As a food & wine "Evangelista;" cherishing the God-given blessing of each day's main meal, (which for me is a brunch, served in the morning), I am of the belief that food is sacred stuff, and that the time to eat, live, and love is unequivocally now!

FASTING ONE CAN DO IN THE GRAVE, and thus to deem ourselves worthy of spectacular, healthful, exotic food, on each day,  is how I roll.


Life Matters Too!

Writing Is A Way To Express All That's Tasted & Lived...

Having contributed this past year to Elephant Journal, (and here is a mere fraction of those: https://www.elephantjournal.com/?s=Laurie-Beth+Robbinsl;) and having served up a lovely food dabbling to the Rye, New Hampshire magazine for one year too, Laurie-Beth did indeed contribute much, and from her heart, soul, and might during this past year, and yet her most exciting time is now just beginning!

Interviewed by New Hampshire Magazine regarding her food doings, this local and HIGH ENERGY talent is indeed making her mark and launching forth with exciting endeavors! 

LB Speaking on “Anxiety.”

In this 23 minute delivery, LB serves as the speaker to the Creative Mornings audience in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on the topic of anxiety.