Laurie-Beth Robbins

Packed With Élan!

"LBR” is a speaker, (and a Justice Of The Peace in the state of New Hampshire), a writer and humorist; but also a zealous FOODSTRESS and former private chef of GOURMET HEALTHFUL EXOTIC CUISINE. Additionally, she is a certified wine connoisseur, and she conducted wine tastings which got others "drunk on life" via her edu-tainment approach of comedic albeit informative banter.

Vivacity Larger Than Life!

With her exuberant artistic flair and talent for plating food, Laurie-Beth is a "power arranger" and presenter, who couples passion and much knowledge of nutrition (cooking without corn, soy or wheat); to deliver delectable exotic dishes to her daily feasts for her family and friends! She also parlays that into galvanizing speeches about our “attitude”  toward food, and is sure to ensorcel any crowd!

Warmth, Charm, Smarts & Talent!

Whether she's regalling your group with fun informative food trivia and descriptions about what she's created recently and what it taught her; or sharing insight on food & wine pairings (and in so doing, "uncorking" great laughter and camaraderie too), Laurie-Beth will bring an irreverent energy and sense of world experience and upbeat perspective to your event!